ISO 27001

About ISO 27001

ISO/IEC 27001 and other standards in the current line translate the world’s best practices in the information security management field

which are time-tested and have managed to show own effectiveness for organizations, regardless of their activity field and technologies used.

  • Our methodology for information security management systems (ISM) implementation is based on successful projects’ best practices for ISM implementation and maintenance, close cooperation with leading international certification organizations, as well as timely tested practical methods for ISO 27001 requirements implementation.

The information security management system implementation, which meets ISO / IEC 27001 requirements, allows to:

  • increase customers, partners and investors confidence by demonstrating a high company reliability level, appropriate data protection, processed and transmitted within the key business processes;
  • reduce IS risks, related to possible damage to the Customer’s assets from the information security threats implementation;
  • make the information security management process transparent for the company’s authorities.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification is especially relevant for you, if:

  • You need to protect your customers’ and partners’ data, which you get when interacting with them and providing services. ISM implementation will help to build efficient processes.
  • You are planning or already operating in the international market. ISM implementation will increase your partners and customers confidence.
  • You are a public company. ISM introduction will increase the company’s capitalization and ensure the management and information security processes transparency.
  • You operate in a competitive market. ISM certification allows you to gain marketing and competitive benefits.
  • Our specialists have got both Lead Auditor ISO / IEC 27001 qualification and extensive background in ISM implementation and maintenance. They are regularly recruited by certification bodies to conduct external audits.

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Project stages

Stage 1

GAP analysis in order to determine ISM scope and management and information security processes compliance degree with ISO/IEC 27001 standard requirements, defining an ISM implementation plan.

Stage 2

Information security risks analysis and assessment in order to identify information risks, which implementation may cause significant damage to the company. Particular measures development for their processing.

Stage 3

ISM creation, which meets ISO / IEC 27001 requirements. The current stage goal is to create an integral management and information security processes structure, given the company specifics.

Project results

ISM processes implementation and launch. The current stage result is ISM functioning, which meets the ISO / IEC 27001 requirements.

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